I bought a ukulele!


So after wanting a ukulele since last summer, I finally went and bought one today ๐Ÿ˜€
We got a good deal, and a family discount, with a free bag and two plecs so that was pretty freaking awesome. I was inspired originally by one of my favourite YouTubers, doddleoddle.

I’m down south for a few days and travelled this morning. We walked the ole cobble streets and went to the English Market for a stroll. Typical day in Cork, ya know boii?
My cousin is currently at his fathers house, so I’m all lonesome in his house til tomorrow at noon! But I have my ukulele…..which is pretty awesome….

I put it up on my snapchat today and like 8 people replied “Can you play it?”

What kind of a question is that?
Of course I can’t play it… I literally got it like five minutes ago.

The rest of my friends consisted of “Of course you did”, and “as you do” :’)

I’m going out this friday, but things are a bit dodge with some of my friends and ticket arrangements and although I’m not even in their year they’re trying to blame me and make me fix it but I’m seriously just considering shutting all communications off with them for a few days so things can breeze over. . . they always do. . .
I can’t wait til college. I can sleep the drama away.

But I have to get there first. And by the looks of things, I’ll be receiving my college offers while I’m on holidays with my cousins, uncles, and aunts. . . oh the joys.
Then again. . . sunny holidays!

In conclusion, I’m on my mid term break, I’m in Cork, and I just bought a ukulele.
Life ain’t all bad!


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