My literal love for Strepsils

A couple of years ago…. and by that I mean like two… my English teacher made us write a poem. We just all thought it was a random assignment and didn’t pass too much remark on it. We had to write a short simple poem on an emotion….or something like that.

Of course most of the class took happy, love, sad…. the usual culprits. They wrote about feelings they watched on tv- not real ones they felt themselves.

I chose Love.
Except…. I didn’t really….

Being sick the past week, and valentines day and what not has reminded me of this story.

But yes…. I wrote about my love for strepsils. I just didn’t use that word.
I can’t remember the poem in full, but it included such gems like;

“I woke up early in a sweat 

I couldn’t speak and my eyes were filled with tears 

Breathing was hard 

But I found you, complete with a cup of tea 

You soothed me and helped me sleep again ” 

Let’s not bring up how cringe it was.
So anyway that happened and I submitted my joke of a homework.
However, my teacher didn’t think it was a joke and called me up after class.

Yes, I was scared. Yes, she could probably smell my fear.

But actually, she asked me how did I write such a moving piece about love. This was also said hinting slighty that I cheated. She also asked me did she have permission to use it in our school magazine.

I then told her the poem was about cough drops.

She paused.

I paused.

She read over it again.

She realised that my story checked out.

She laughed.

And she published it anyway.


13 thoughts on “My literal love for Strepsils

  1. Always amazes me – and its particularly noticable on soshulmeja – how people regard poetry as autobiographical. If a sad poem is written: “aah, I hope you feel better soon” and so on. Same with song lyrics, too. Imagination, like art, seen as a funny way to show an actual thing, rather than a mind playing with ideas in a skilful way. I fear it probably shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the creative process, all summed up in the boil-in-a-bag phrase, “Express yourself!” ……nggnggug.

  2. Hi eimzpink. Never heard of strepsils being described in this way. Thank you very much for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Like anything paranormal! Your dog’s green glowing eyes are spooky! Once again so nice to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

  3. I got a like from you and clicked this post because I had no idea what a strepsil was. Now I do. I feel the same about love and Ricola like you do about Srepsil. Your post is sweet. Thanks for stopping by Shift Key.

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