#NekNomination *takes in deeeeep breath*

Ok, so if you don’t know, there’s this viral craze going around where one person ‘downs a pint’ of something, and nominates two others. Also known as “a drinking game in which participants record themselves partaking in a physically extreme activity after chugging alcoholic beverages and challenge others to outdrink them in the identical fashion.” The equivalent to a chain letter, or something like that. 

At first it was a bit of a gimmick and a way to laugh with and challenge friends. 

However, it’s had a down turn after two deaths in Ireland are supposedly linked with it. 

Before I start, I never agreed with it.
It slowly creeped into my facebook home page as a few people got nominated. I don’t drink, and neither do any of my close friends, so obviously I didn’t get nominated. I wouldn’t have done it anyway. I genuinely thought how stupid could any of them get, but I still had a laugh at a few of them. It mainly consisted of me sitting wide eyed at people I’d know to see but hardly knew just downing these drinks like it’s nothing. It’s beginning to die out, like any other ‘teenage phase’. Keep in mind it’s NOT only teenagers doing this. Anywhoo, people are started to retaliate and just not reply- which is fair enough. Honestly, I do feel sorry for those two men, 19 and 22, who died because of this drinking game. But the 19 year old jumped into a river after the drink, the drink didn’t instantly kill him. And the 22 year old…. well he was 22. Not a teenager. 
The reasons why I’m emphasising teenagers here is because I saw a conversation between two of my aunts on facebook, and it took all my will power not to reply. 
It included;

“Another death due to neck nominations. Not funny. Like a chain letter. It just takes a few brave kids to stand up to the bullies. Anyone who passes on nominations is a BULLY.”

“Talk to your teenagers as well- they get their hands on drink to handy”

“Blame the Government. Two years in a row the hike up wine and leave slabs of beer so cheaply and easily bought alone. You don’t see people buying cases of wine and binge drinking.” 

Basically they were shaming my generation. But everyone seems to forget who raised us. 
Obviously I’m not saying teenagers are perfect.I know they’re taking part in NekNominations (and lord knows what else). But it’s not the governments fault. It not shopkeepers fault. It’s not bullies fault. And it’s not teenagers fault. 
It’s no ones ‘fault’ specifically. 
The only reason I’d even think about blaming the government is because their lack of alcohol education for teenagers. Not because they rose taxes. 

It took so much in me not to reply to my aunts. So I came here instead. 


4 thoughts on “#NekNomination *takes in deeeeep breath*

  1. When my children were teens, I was known to begin lectures with, “You are young; you will do foolish things. And the reason I’m going to give this lecture is that I don’t want you to to do the same foolish things that I did; I want you to stun and amaze me with the foolish things you can do.” The point was that I got their attention — they laughed and listened mostly.

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