2014- Lets Roll With It

Does it matter that it’s 3/4 the way through January already? Nah
Does it matter I still haven’t made a resolution already? Nah
Does it matter I stayed in my pyjamas all day? Nah
Does it matter that my first college deadline is in 3 days? Nah

Well you know…. it probably does… but lets just roll with it guys!

So in the past 11 months I’ve been on here I’ve been blessed with over 200 followers! And to be honest, I thought I’d hardly get 2 as my blog has no theme, or schedule, or….well anything constant.
Again, lets roll with it.
My mock exams are coming up verrrrrrry soon and I’m still verrrrrrry calm about them. Not that I’m an A student or anything, but I’ve never picked up a book in my life and hey- I got this far, didn’t I? I should seriously start working, but…. >insert valid excuse here<
Now that you understand and have sympathy from me and my excuse, I’m still surprised you’re still reading.

Last year, my resolution was to make 12 videos. (A video a month). And surprisingly, I achieved it!
I thought about doing it again this year, and I still might. But hopefully I’ll do it anyway without having to make it a chore.

Which leads me onto other things. What I want to do after school. Any suggestions or life advice, leave below thank you very much!
Maybe college in Dublin…. maybe….

So before I finish up, I’m going to make a list- hopes for 2014. ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

2014- We’re rolling with it

Don’t fail any of my mocks
Recover from my mock results and actually do good in my leaving cert
Spend a whole night out with friends
To be healthier
To have a fab 17th birthday
Go to France with my friend
Spend a night stargazing
Take a long roadtrip
Go to university
Be happy at university
Do something that makes my hair look nice
Learn how to do my make up better
Learn how to cook
Finish at least one story
Take my parents out for lunch
Try to co operate and get along with my sister
Smile more

So here’s to rolling with it!

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