What is Christmas?


Christmas is family, friends and all loved ones.
What is Christmas Day? 

It’s getting up at 5am in the morning. 

It’s about giving. 

It’s getting the dreaded call for mass. 

But, it’s meeting your relatives there. 

It’s bragging about each gift to your cousins, while drinking tea of course. 

It’s returning to the house to prepare the dinner. 

It’s being pushed out of the kitchen, because dad is preparing the dinner. 

It’s having a Harry Potter marathon, complete with many selection boxes and more tea. 

It’s eating so much you lost all your senses. 

It’s about love. 

It’s about sharing. 

It’s about clarity. 

It’s about Christ. 


5 thoughts on “What is Christmas?

      1. Haha! I know the weather isn’t the most ideal, but the country is so beautiful and I do have Irish heritage…I have always dreamed of seeing it and would love to live in Europe instead of the US :p

      2. I have to admit it is (mostly) a gorgeous country. And America looks so cool I’m jealous that I didn’t grow up there! Europes cool, but you need a passport to get everywhere!

      3. I understand that there is always a “grass is greener on the other side” effect to where people want to live compared to where they are currently, although I think would have preferred my kids growing up in the America I grew up in instead of now…there is such a moral/ family decline here. I know about the passports as my husband and I have researched what it takes to live in Europe now (much more difficult now to move from the states unless it is for work), and I know everyone’s economy is down, so really we would have to be self employed, but I love that Europe is still in touch with family and living/helping multi-generationally. Here everyone is out for themselves and if you don’t have a decent extended family structure, you are definitely on your own raising your kids! I have a freshman in high school and an eight grader, so hopefully at least getting to Europe to visit with them will be in our near future 🙂

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