Division and cliques?

To be honest I never understood why people only hung around with the same interest as each other. The whole ‘stick to the status quo‘ from High School Musical ALWAYS annoyed me- from a very very young age. Although, I did love the whole idea of High School musical introducing division between ‘theater kids’ and ‘jocks’. But I could never understand why so many american tv shows had ‘cliques’ in every single high school. Like, c’mon, we’re all in this together 😉

But in all honesty I just want to know peoples opinions on this in  general.

For example, there are four schools in my town;
1. All girls school
2. All boys school
3. Mixed school
4. Mixed practical school

I attend the all girls school, and know quite a few in the mixed school. When I spoke to people in the mixed school, their school seemed to have a totally different atmosphere to mine.
They have division.
Up until they told me this, I though cliques we’re only Americanized Tales used to spread the message of community to pre-teens.

I understand how one would want a friend who shares their interests, but honestly I’d get bored if it was the same interests with the same group of people every day.

“Hey, did you hear Katy Perry’s new song? It’s amazing.”
“Yes. Did you hear Lady Gaga’s new song? It’s great.”
“Yes. Did you hear Rihannas new song? I love it.”
And the cycle would just continue, where as;
“Hey, did you hear Imagine Dragons new song?”
“I’ve never heard of them.”
“Oh you should look them up, they’re brilliant.”
“Sounds awesome. Have you heard of Boys Like Girls?”
“No, but I’ll look them up.”
And there we go! Sharing interests with open minded people!
(And I only used this for an example, it could obviously be with other activities.)

Anywoo, I would describe my school as “a community of sisters”.
The mixed school students described theirs as “us and them”.
And we’re only a five minute walk from each other.


4 thoughts on “Division and cliques?

  1. Omg thats like here in Australia, I go to a co-ed (part time boarding) school and all of us boarders are “the boarders” and were all people with different interests but we have been classed into a group, like it’s really strange when you think about it.

  2. You would not believe the cliques we have at my high school. I live in California. I go to a public school with both boys and girls. It’s kinda like the mean girls cliques, except everybody is either an alcoholic or pothead. All the gangsters, band geeks, AP students, seniors. We even have an area that’s only for seniors and if you’re not a senior, you’ll probably get beat up for going in there.

    1. Wait, that’s actually real? I genuinely thought that happened in movies and sitcoms! I’m from Ireland and that just seems alien to me! Although I am a senior, and we have out own private bathroom (the highlight of our privlidges)
      Thanks for the comment 😀

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