Bit’s and Bumps of my Life

So excuse this for being a personal blog update sorta thing but I feel inspired to write- which I haven’t felt in a while.
I got to day 13 of the December Challenge, but decided to remove them all because I didn’t really like them on my page.
My “real” english teacher came back, who is now telling my parents I have poor spelling and grammar (You know, all B students do).
I kinda miss my quirky substitute, so I’ll probably make a blog post on him at some point.
I still have five days left at school. We just had a festive jumper day to raise money last Friday.
We still haven’t put up decorations for Christmas yet.
I saw Wicked last night. Best musical of my year!
I didn’t change out of my pyjamas today.
I feel really really lethargic.
No one should watch “Clean ma room” by Tay.
I’m still addicted to The Vampire Diaries.
I want to read more.
The 5 kids my family was minding for 2 and a half weeks are gone back home (to their very ungrateful parents).
I’m kinda dreading the amount of work my teachers are going to give me for Christmas holidays.
My cousins are visiting very soon.
My friend got her dog a sparkly green bow for christmas.
Frozen is one of the best movies ever. Idina Medzel is so amazing I can’t even describe it.
I hope to do more blog posts that actually mean something.

And last but not least, this.ย 


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