YouTube -> Google +

Swearing involved in the video before you watch it ๐Ÿ™‚
But yes, as an active user of YouTuber I feel that my input is needed on this current situation of “integration”.
I could rant on here about how I hate it, but Emma expresses my views in a more creative way.
My biggest problem with Google+ and YouTube merging together is that I don’t want to share every video I ever watched with all 8 friends I have on Google+.
Problems with that sentence:
1. I do get to the weird side of YouTube, I sometimes become a possessive hipster and don’t want to share my fondness for someone and I just don’t want people reading my embarrassing comments.
2. 8 people I know have a Google+ account out of everyone else. Even so, all of these have signed on because of school. So automatically, it’s a school website to us and no one wants to be on it.

Feel free to vent with me, but hats off to you Emma!

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