5 effortless ways to be healthier

Upon looking on the internet for simple and efficient ways to make my self healthier, I could hardly find any one list that suited me. So I made one up.

1. Get rid of fizzy drinks. This was surprisingly easier than I once thought. I went from having a can a day for dinner to being revolted by the sugar in one sip. Since before summer I stopped drinking fizzy drinks because they never fully quenched my thirst, and Megan and Liz on YouTube told me to and I love them. Watch their fitness video here that originally inspired to get more healthy.

2. Drink Green Tea. I mean it. The one thing every list online has was to start drinking green tea. Although I tried it and it was horrible. But I made myself keep drinking it for a faster metabolism and after the third cup it wasn’t so bad. The smell now reminds me of watching tv shows (especially Charmed) because I started re-watching it the same time as I decided to have a daily dose of green tea. I was a huge drinker of ‘regular’ tea, but as long as it’s warm I’m still cosy. For the record I never took sugar in my tea.

3. Have a bottle of water next to your bed each morning. I’ve only started to do this recently and it’s done me wonders. I just have it next to me and as soon as my first alarm goes off I force myself to gulp down about ten gulps of water. (And yes, I’m one of those people who have to set many alarms each morning to get up. Don’t judge me.)

4. Stop nibbling. This is pretty self explanatory. I’m the kind of person who would have a packet of tortilla chips like half and hour after my dinner. Then obviously biscuits with my tea. Then I might see a chocolate bar so I’ll eat that and well basically it all builds up to be more food and I don’t even realise it. So I’ve stopped. Well, I’ve tried to. The tortilla chips are defiantly gone but I can’t stop goodies with my tea! I’m trying, I swear.

5. Swap foods. My parents have mostly done this for me so unless I’m comparing I don’t really notice. I can’t eat butter, it’s waaaay too salty for me. It’s only because I’ve never had butter, we’ve always had flora. The same goes for milk, we’ve always had slim milk and normal milk seems too creamy for me. Bread is also included in this as we’ve never ever ever had a white sliced pan in my house. Usually whole grain or soda bread but my mother would rather buy us bagels and wraps over buying a white sliced pan. I know, we’re that family. But I am  now glad of this years later. So I’ve tried doing it for myself. I’ve swapped ‘regular’ tea for green tea, crisps for cereal to munch, and digestive biscuits instead of oreos. I know there’s not that much of a, but I’m in a mindset to be healthier and well, it’s motivation, right?


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