It wasn’t the best song ever…

Things I never want to hear again: (Reason to follow) 

1. Elasticity 

2. One Direction- The Best Song Ever

3. Wow 

In school, my two friends had to edit a video for a competition. In their economics class, they had to write lyrics to a song and make a video. They chose The Best Song Ever by One Direction and used the topic Elasticity. 

As neither of them knew how to edit, they asked me for help. AKA I did all the work because I’m a terrible team player and just let them watch me! It was a situation that works for us all! I got to edit and they got their video. 

Except, their video was awful and the audio was even worse. But even they knew that and we watched their raw footage in laughter. So as I could not put together a video that they wanted, I made a video montage of all their funny clips, bloopers, and mistakes. Luckily for me they liked it better. I even got them to re record their sound. Except they were out of sync. I took a deep breath and tried to figure it out. With a lot of clipping, and my own recording, and copying, and pasting, four hours later I got it done. Now I have to add lyrics. Bring on the Tea! 

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