“Writer Mode”

I’m currently in writer mode. 
This is the time my parents fear. 
I’ve just finished an essay, a speech and a couple of chapters of things I’m writing and I am in writer mode. 

This means no one can talk to me without either being corrected my me, or having their sentences nit picked by me for logic. I can also type super fast. 

I can’t help it. If I don’t understand what you’re saying I want you to explain it to me. And when they don’t, I get frustrated, and more “big words” come out just ranting. 

You’d think I’d appreciate my “reader mode”. That I’m not stuck for words, etc. 

Personally I like it. I just don’t like that my family don’t like it. 


One thought on ““Writer Mode”

  1. Why don’t you write about being in writer mode? Tell us about it… tell us how you wind them up… I’m a father of a son doing journalism… maybe I’ll also learn from your experiences!!
    PS – I see your nomination… good on you, keep going!! Have fun… that’s what writing should be. 😉

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