Remember that you’re not alone…

Vlogumentary Official Trailer.
If you’ve ever read any other post by me on this site, you would know that my devotion and addiction to YouTube is very, very passionate. YouTube has inspired me in so many ways that my friends and family could never. They’re brought me to see the different ends of the world, back stage at a concert, a wedding, vidcon, etc. I could go on!
But this trailer made me cry happy tears the first time I saw it. It portrays YouTube as it really is.
So I decided to show my mother it. I’ve been trying to include her more in my interests lately so anytime I see something that can explain what I cannot, I show it to her. So, I showed her this. I genuinely don’t think she could have shown less interest. I don’t know whether if it she doesn’t understand it, or doesn’t want to understand it. And that makes me really sad.
I get that I’ve little in common with my sports crazed mother, but isn’t it more the parents job to show interest in me?
She asked me today to get the results to the match.
Things that ran through my mind:
1. What match?
2. What sport?
3. What team?
4. What website?
5. What day?
6. Which results?
It’s like her opening up YouTube and me telling to to tell me what happened in Charles Trippys life today.
Alien to us both.
But it won’t take away the feels I have for this trailer. It means the world to me. YouTube means the word to me.


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