Have you ever been so angry?

I was in the mood to write something inspirational today, but that all changed when a certain person accused my friends and I of bullying her on ask.fm about something that she did to us last march (and just progressively before that). She’s spreading rumours about us and falsely accusing us of wrong things. And mainly she’s blaming me. Probably because I was the nicest to her and she thinks she can take advantage of that. My friends and I have spent all night ranting to each other over different social medias and we’ve come to the conclusion that we just need to get rid of her out of our lives. She’s a negative person who isn’t good for us and isn’t a nice person. But I’ve to try and convince them to do it in a calm way.
And before you try defending her, she threw a fork at my friend, poured juice over another one, said horrible things about mostly everyone, and she only ever used us as her plan B.

So to everyone reading this, always try to be positive and happy and calm. It’s what I’m trying to convince myself to do!


2 thoughts on “Have you ever been so angry?

  1. Negativity is not healthy, and sometimes we need to stop hanging out with someone who only wants to be negative. If this person is affecting your life and it is not positive then limiting your interaction with her is probably for the best. You can not change her behavior, but you can continue to treat everyone with respect. keep being yourself and keep being nice. Don’t let someone else attitude affect you it’s not worth it.

    1. “Only wants to be negative” I think that one phrase totally sums her up….
      Thank you so much for the comment 😀 I did get a bit fired up last night but I managed to keep calm! Xox

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