To people who are sad…

I’m creating the post-not only to vent- but just to reassure someone somewhere that it’s totally ok to be sad for ‘no reason’, and it’s totally ok to be sad for a reason.
But its it?
Yes, ohmigawd yes it is. 

At the moment, I’m not ‘depressed’ per se, but I’m defiantly in a rut somewhere and I need to re surface.

So I make a list of things that are making me sad and make a list why they’re making me sad, and make a potential solution list. See, my sadness doesn’t just come and go. Something would happen, and I’d get over it. Then something else would happen, and I’d shake it off. Then something major would happen, and I’d spring back, then something MASSIVELY HUGE would happen, and I’d take a deep breath and face it with a smile. Then suddenly, I could drop a packet of crisps and just cry. In that very moment. Over that packet of crisps.
I’ve called it my ‘jenja’ emotions. It just takes one simple thing to topple it over.

So what’s the major issue at the moment? Not doing well in exams. When my class were all twelve years old in first year, which surprisignly seems so far away considering it is only been about four years, a teacher said to us:
“Thousands of students have done it before you, and thousands will do it after you.” 
And I’ve no idea why, but to this day this phrase has stuck with me. Not necessarily the last part, but the fact that thousands have done the Leaving Certificate before me. So why can’t I do it? I’m not the only one sitting the exam. I’m not the only one stressing out. I’m not the only one losing friends. I’m not the only one over thinking situations. Basically, to sum it up: I’m not alone.
And neither are you, reader.
Feel free to think of me as your virtual pen-pal if you ever need someone.

But if you’re stuck in a rut at the moment, think about how there’s so much of the world you haven’t seen yet. Yet.
Make a list of those pintrest and tumblr places you see and go there when ever you can. Just go there. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t decided what you want to do yet- lord knows I haven’t. But I know in, per se, ten years time down the road, twenty six version of myself won’t be the same me right now. I’m looking forward to my memories I can create. Because I want to create them. 

I want to create something.

So if you’re sad or depressed, I’m not going to be cliché and say talk to someone about your feelings- heavens knows you’ve already heard it before. But talk to someone about their greatest memories. I will personally give you a reward if you find one person whose favourite memory of all time was cramming for a test.

Because it’s all going to be irrelevant one day. But until that day comes, you need to convince yourself that you tried doing something that you hated. You tried giving it a chance. Because things like exams are inevitable. Everyone’s going to do them if they want anything out of life.

But how many people can say they rode an elephant? Or went bungee jumping? Or own a successful blog? Or bake a ten layered cake? Or created a new medicine? Or invented a new laser machine? Or saw a hot air balloon? Or met their idol? Or became an idol to someone?

A handful.
And they all did their exams and faced the facts (tee hee hee, pun) that to move on to the next level, you have to complete this one first.
Life’s a game plan.
You need to learn this information off, learn how to properly write it, and how to get it right.
And it’s up to you if you team wins, captain.

My way of life is to take nothing too seriously. I may have a “laugh it off” personality, but I can get stressed easily.

And no matter how hard it gets, BriBry will never fail to cheer me up.
It’s the only video on all of YouTube that I can actually say works for me. It’s one of my favourites for a reason. Even if you’re not sad, but made it this far, why not just give this video a view? Or share it with someone who needs it?
Sometimes, all you need is someone with experience. And maybe a look at the comments; they’re all going through the same thing as you.

8 thoughts on “To people who are sad…

  1. You’ve definitely made me feel a tiny bit better and I thank you for that. I had that sort of ‘jenja’ moment today and spent my free period crying in the toilets. I can relate to this post 100%! Thanks for making me feel a bit better 🙂

    1. If I make at least one person be less sad today then my goal has been fulfilled 😀 We can be jenja buddies and cry together over our falling towers 😉 Haha thanks for the comment, I’ve loved the stuff you posted on yours 😀

  2. It’s not the same, I know, but I was angry once that I was unable to cram for a test. This was because a friend of mine came to stay early, when I had asked her to delay her visit because of the test. Do I get the reward? Thanks for another great blog!

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