“Here’s to never growing up.” No….not the song….

Isn’t it insane how I’m sixteen, and due to our fantastic education system, I can be in the same school year as an eighteen year old. Heck, I could be in the same year as a nineteen year old.

But all week, I’ve been noticing things that I feel are way too ‘inappropriate’.Yet, at the same time all the girls in my year are so casual about.
Like Sex.
Even typing that word makes me cringe a little inside.

So here’s the deal:

It all started when my friend dropped a ‘not-too-subtle’ hint about her night with her boyfriend. I was kinda just like ‘yeah alright’  and thought nothing of it really. She asked my friend and I ‘Have we done it yet?’ and we were both dazed but we’ve both only like recently turned sixteen- and neither of us with boyfriends. The next day, I overheard a bunch of girls in my locker room casually talking about their ‘preference positions’ and I think I almost had a loss of air in that moment. What really caught me was that the group of them were talking about it as casually as my friends would talk about the likes of homework. There’s also my friends eighteenth birthday party tonight in town. My parents are in England and I’m at my aunts so obviously I couldn’t go. Yet, there’s a side of me that knows that I probably wouldn’t have went anyway. And today that was the hype of my year conversations- the dresses they’re wearing, who they’re bringing, how long are they staying for, where are they going after. And it’s a bit hectic.
Then again, there’s my friends who are a year behind me because they took the optional transition year (TY) and are the same age as me. As soon as I said to them about the over heard conversation they practically had the same reaction as me. To cover their ears and be like ‘lalalalalala’. Oh how I love them :’)
But since I’m in the same year as the girls all going out, shouldn’t I be interested in the same things as them?
Is it so bad that I would rather have a conversation with my friend about which colour was your favourite wiggle? over one about whether or not my other friend should break up with her french boyfriend because she feels he’s bringing her down?!

I’m sixteen! Should I be concerned with everyone around me not being virgins anymore? Should I be the one wanting to go to house parties? Should I be the one who talks casually about things that aren’t that casual?!

So yeah….that turned into a blogging rant. Hey, I started it when I was on the bus ride home from school and feeling a tad glum.

5 thoughts on ““Here’s to never growing up.” No….not the song….

  1. Aha, I feel exactly the same. A few days ago I saw one of my friends with her boyfriend and she asked me the same thing, of course I am a virgin. Lol. She started giving me ‘tips’, one of the most awkward conversations I have ever had.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! Yeah, and it’s even more awkward when you know they’re your friend!
      Bleh, my head is confused and tired thinking about it all!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 xox

  2. Yup! Exactly the same age and exactly the same thoughts…seriously though?? Do all the girls just think they have to lose it?? O.o weird..

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