Miley Cyrus.

Yes. You’ve heard the name for all the wrong reasons lately. But, as hard as I try, I can never dislike the ‘twerking shaved headed’ young woman.
C’mon, if you weren’t part of the Hannah Montana generation you probably won’t understand anything I’m about to say. But I grew up with the ‘small town girl who doubled as a superstar’. She has an amazing voice. Currently, I think she’s singing the wrong wrongs to suit her voice, but then again anything could suit her. It really does annoy me how people would judge her on her outfit, or her inappropriate dance moves. Like seriously, as bad as she is I think Miley is a pure professional- and wouldn’t do anything spontaneous on stage. So maybe it wasn’t her idea. Or maybe it was, but no body stopped her- which is just as bad.
I do look back on old Hannah Montana era videos and smile. Her movie in 2009 was the bomb dot com. There wasn’t a teenage girl in sight who didn’t know all the dance moves to The Hoedown Throwdown. And you’re lying if you say you never tapped your foot to it 😉

Ok, I admit she’s gone a bit ‘hay-wire’ at the moment………but if you were that successful at that age, wouldn’t you go a bit insane? If not, I guess you’ve never been judged in your life. You’ve never been called a ‘washed up Disney princess’ or criticized for being yourself instead of a perfect image the world has created for you.

So if you watch this instead of this or this, never forget that she’s one of the most famous celebrities there is at the moment and having no privacy at all can push a person to their extremes.

Love her or hate her, she has talent no one can deny. And she’s still Smiley Miley.


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