Get inspired by your country!

Every now and again when it’s almost 2am and I’ve had a terrible week and a completely unproductive day, I like to watch YouTube videos named “Our trip to Ireland”. And it doesn’t matter whose video I’m watching; it’s usually the first five that come up. Anytime I feel like I’m going to be living in this depressed hell hole for the rest of my life, I just watch a video of someone experiencing it for the first time. It truly does inspire me! It’s insane how much they notice the beauty of my country when I can’t. How they can say coming here was the best part of their lives.

So maybe I will be stuck here, but maybe I’ll visit other places too. And maybe in twenty years I won’t think of this place as a deep dark tunnel. I’ll think of it as home. As the place I was born, grew up, lived, went to school, met awesome people, did awesome things, went to university, lived my life. But if you ever are feeling glum about the place you live, just search for “Our trip to….” and you’ll be surprised by what you’ve been missing 🙂


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