Life Lessons in the past Week

1. Oddly still not stressed. Well, I suppose I kind of am. As usual, I’m stressed that I’m NOT stressed about my exams in 272 days…..

2. I’m not as bad as I thought I was in the mornings. Like literally, I spent all summer going to bed at 4am and waking up at 2pm, but for the past two weeks, getting up at seven is not so bad! (as long as I have my blinds open for a bright room)

3. It takes time for different groups of friends to mingle. This is a very delicate subject that we’re all adjusting to….

4. Smoothies are awesome in the morning. Nothing much to say here….just that yes. yes they are.

5. Ireland has Europe’s 3rd best education system….right after America.  Quote from my Irish teacher.

6. Our career guidance teacher is awesome (and on twitter). Seriously, she’s amazing. She really goes all out with anything she does and she’s so so passionate about what she does.

7. Juniors are rude. I’ve gotten so many bruises from first and second years who don’t know the meaning of manner in the school halls.

8. I found a new favourite song. Simple Plan- Summer paradise. Check it out, I’m obsessed.

9. Straightening my hair is such a treat lately. I haven’t straightened my hair since like a month ago and my hair currently feels so soft!

10. You CAN travel to school by double Decker bus. I got the ice cream contraption bringing me to and from school each day for the rest of the year. It is called, the Swag Mobile.


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