It’s time like this where you appreciate the importance of relaxing!
I woke up so happy today because we get off school at 3.15 on Friday instead of the usual 3.50. It’s been like that for the past four years but never have I ever appreciated it as much before. It was a stressful day with tests and teachers and friends and chaos. However, on the bus ride home my friend and I were so appreciative about having two days off. TWO WHOLE DAYS. How amazing is that? And like wise, it’s always been like that. But I always just took it for granted. Even over the summer.
So it’s Friday nights like the current one where I can microwave marshmallows while watching YouTube and drinking tea in my pyjamas where I can just take a second to be thankful of things I’ve taken for granted.

I feel like there should be a #FirstWorldProblems here…..


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