I’m exhausted

My reply when people ask me how my first few days back have been. 

I’m genuinely so tired it’s unreal. Nowadays 12am is late for me to fall asleep, yet all summer 4am was the norm. 

I’m not going to lie, it has been stressful. But luckily none of the teachers have put stress on us (yet). I’m just putting it on myself. I’ve a chemistry test tomorrow, on chapters one and two of our book so that shouldn’t be too hard. It’s on Atoms essentially. So Crash Course Chemistry here I come! 

I’ve gotten more serious over the past year, and I’m sure if I like it. I hardly laugh at jokes that my friends laugh at in school. I find myself watching serious stuff on YouTube instead of comedy sketches all the time. I’m acting distant with a lot of my friends lately. And I don’g know if I’m happy about this. Then again, it’s me. So shouldn’t I be happy?

Ok, so rambling rambles are happening and I’m pretty sure nobodies reading this to start a story that I originally planned to write here….. 

So I wish you all a happy day/night/evening/that middle of the day period! 


3 thoughts on “I’m exhausted

      1. Oh good luck to you. You’ll do great. It really isn’t as people make it out to be, if you do any bit of study at all you will be fine. 😀
        I just did my leaving last year, and I am heading to college this year, so scary. :L

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