I will hate you until you own a black dog.


To those who don’t have a dog, or who don’t generally like dogs, this may be hard to understand…. But genuinely, if I dislike a person I can dislike them a lot. Every thing they do or say will annoy me. Even the ‘nitty gritty’ stuff; like breathing.
However, if I find out that the person I hate has a medium sized black dog, they will instantly become my new friend. And I’m ashamed to say this has happened way more than once. I’d be scrolling on someone’s Facebook silently hating their every word, until I see a photo of them and their black dog and I instantly like them.
There’s also a ‘Black Dog Community’ I feel I am apart of on Instagram. There’s seven people (plus myself) who post pictures of our medium sized black dogs and each and everyone one of us likes the others photo. No exceptions.
Because until you get a medium sized black dog, you won’t understand. And I’ll probably still hate you.

*On a foot note, this photo was taken a few minutes ago. My parents are off helping my sister move so Mel is super depressed and won’t let me leave her side. I’m PuppySitting a 10 year old.

2 thoughts on “I will hate you until you own a black dog.

  1. I’m glad Mel has someone lively to dogsit her, but I can’t understand why it is only black dogs. Wait till you meet Bob, (he lives with a black and white Ellie – so that must stand for something.)
    Thank you for checking out our blog site.

    1. Trust me, I love all dogs! I did my work experience in school in a kennels. I guess I just have a soft spot for black ones because Ive had one for 10 years of my life, and I cant bring myself to hate someone who has a copy of my dog 🙂 And Bob is adorable! I love the photo of Ellie on the wooden boat! Haha so cute ♥

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