That’s how I’m feeling lately. And I’ve no idea why.
Last night, it was my friends Birthday party. Like most people my age, she had a sleepover in her house with 10 of us in total. All my very good friends. Yet, mostly everyone annoyed me in some way. There was my ‘best friend’, the one who I’m only recently realising how much I don’t like her. The friend who was too loud. The friend who tried to be cool by providing mildly inappropriate lines into conversation. The one who overreacts too loudly. The one who interrupts all my sentences. The rest of the group was cool. Thinking back I probably isolated myself too much in a room full of people I love.
Now fast forward to the present and I’m out for dinner with my parents. They talk about sport. A lot. Fun fact; I’m not interested in sport. So I usually just either day dream or type away at my phone until the conversation topic switches. Since my family own the restaurant we’re at, my parents generally know everyone in the restaurant at any time. Fun fact; I don’t. So I smile and fake laugh until they leave.
By now the conversation usually drifts back into sport. Go Mayo?
I guess I’ll just sit here with my MiWadi and SnapChat….


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