POT list

We’ve a newly discovered gas leak in the house today. Which meant we had no electricity for a few hours. After every digital device I owned ran out of battery, I decided to clean out my room. But, as usual, I got bored. However, while rooting through some of my school work I found a lone sheet of paper. After looking at it, I remembered what it was.

Each year my school has a “P.O.T.” week. (I know what you’re thinking, no my school does not support drugs). It stands for Positive Optimistic Thinking week. Anyway, one of the days each year you have to rip out a sheet of paper from your copy of whatever class you’re in at that time and sign your name on top. This gets passed around the classroom and people have to write “positive optimistic” comments about you. And you can’t keep track of who said what as you’re so overwhelmed with sheets being passed to you. Eventually, your sheet returns to you with anonymous comments. Please note that I’ve taken everything word for word, so the grammar mistakes are not mine 😉
This was my list:
1. Absolutely  hilarious and so lovely 🙂 very pretty too and always nice to everyone.
*This was one of my good friends, who I so happened to be sitting beside.
2. Really nice person, friendly+funny
3. So friendly and is always happy and smiling!
4. Really nice, funny, always have a good laugh in religion.
5. So nice and friendly ->always in a good mood
6. Really funny and such a nice person
7. Such a friendly person! Always smiling and playing with glitter
*The reason why glitter is mentioned so much is that I’ve a tub of ’emergency glitter’ in my pencil case.
8. Kind, always smiling
9. So funny, and smart Lovely girl
10. Really nice and so funny
11. Really nice and so smart
12. So nice and always makes me laugh in religion.
13. So cool with your glitter pretty too
14. Pretty, kind and so funny in Irish
15. So nice to talk to, really smart 🙂 and pretty
16. Happy
*I always laugh that someone just wrote down ‘happy’
17. Nice and smart
We all thought this was a complete waste of time, especially in English class. But looking back on it, I’m really glad we did do it 🙂

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