Life Update

Sadly, I’ve returned from the sunny paradise of Spain. I’ve exchanged lovely 30 degrees weather for about 10 degrees weather with rain. Gotta love Ireland. I’ve switched my moody unorganised cousins for my amazing parents and I finally got to see my puppy-who’s-not-really-a-puppy again! 

I’m also on a holiday currently with my two best friends. Usually, at this time of the year my sister, two of my friends, and our friend from London all meet up for the festival. But this year my sister is in college, our London friend is working, and my two friends are locals and working around the place and I felt alone. Yesterday, when we arrived, we also met our Londons friends little brother (who I’ve known forever) and he hung around with us and it was cute. 

Also, how many people can say they traveled from Spain to Cork to Donegal in less than 24 hours? 


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