YouTube taught me that Being Happy Is a Choice

You know those comments you see of people like:
“If it wasn’t for your videos I would have killed myself” or
“Thanks to you I bet cancer” or
“I’m your biggest fan and meeting you saved my life” ??

Well, I mightn’t go to those extremities but I will defiantly say  that YouTube ‘changed’ my life more so than ‘saved’ it. It was from ShayCarl that I first heard “Happiness is a choice“. I’ve always said it, and I’ll say it again. ShayCarl and The ShayTards started my YouTube journey. It made me realise that I’m not alone, nor will I ever be. So I made a list of which YouTuber taught me what in life.

1. ShayTards- See above.

2. Cimorelli– If you don’t know, these six sisters are YouTube rising stars basically. They have a huge family of which I’m extremely jealous of, and they all just seem to be down to earth people. But they’re also quite religious. I admired them for so much, and this just made me see my religion in a different way. They expressed their love for church in such a positive way that I was never used to. I always loathed the idea of mass or anything to do with it because it was completely boring to me. I was just never interested to hear what a droning old man has to say for an hour each week. From following their social medias they’ve just enlightened me in thinking that Religion and Church can be taught in a positive and likable way.

2. The SacconeJolys. This family makes me smile everyday at 6pm GMT. Their daughter Emilia is adorable. Like, if you haven’t seen her you’re missing out! With her chubby cheeks and their six dogs I really do see The SacconeJolys as a model family which I’d love to be part of. They even bring us on holidays once a year to Sorento in Italy. I love the three of them, and their six doggies (who have tweeted me, not to brag or anything). Jonathan also does healthy encouraging videos on his own channel. His comedy sketches are also hilarious to watch.

3. Albinwonderland. There is not enough words to describe my girlcrush on Angelina. She is amazing in every aspect. She expresses her views in such an educated way that it’s so powering to hear her talk. She’s also huge into cosplay! And when you live in Ireland, there’s no conventions like Comic Con in the country at all. But I follow her on every social media I can, and I just love to see her updates. She probably got ‘famous’ mainly for her bubblegum pink hair, but she’s so much more than that and I really do see her as an inspiration. I have a huge interest in feminism because of her. I didn’t really notice how much it’s needed until she opened my eyes.

4. The Reality Changers. These are just such a cute family. A father and his talented daughter originally started their fame, but the other daughter is just equally as important now. He literally came from nothing, and it’s so inspiring to watch their journey. I love the way he has raised his children. He’s definitely the father figure I want if I ever have children.

5. Charles and Alli Trippy. Aka CTFxC. Charles and Alli are a real life perfect relationship that I’d love to have. They’re amazing. Even though Charles had a brain tumour they still kept vlogging and the amount of support they got was unreal. They had a perfect wedding, and they’re just such a beautiful couple. Words cannot describe my affection for them.

6. HeyKayli. Kaylie is part of the ShayTards as mentioned above. She is ShayCarls sister in law, and she is just an amazing artsy person. But the reason I love her so much is because she openly discussed her eating disorder in a series online. I had followed her DIY channel for so long, and I had no idea she had suffered in the past from eating disorders. Her videos are inspirational to watch, and she has guests who knew her on too to discuss.

7. BriBry. One of the few Irish vloggers that have made a huge impact on the world. I first started watching his videos because they were based on ‘Things to do before you die.’ All his revenue from YouTube goes straight to charity. He had suffered from depression, and he video To People who are sad really changed me. I had a terrible day and this video made it all better. Watching it again had the same impact. Sure, he’s a hilarious comedian and got banned from Canada but he’s so just down to earth that you can’t help but fall in love with him.

8. Megan and Liz – Megan and Liz haven’t come from a rough past, or had a terrible school experience, but I love how even though they’re getting popular outside YouTube they never day a day for granted. See Megans Tumblr post here: ><
They’re two beautiful twins who are so talented and so in tune with their fans. They come off as so genuine and I love them so much. Even if they’re off on American road trips they’re always chasing dreams and goals and are so determined that it’s inspiring to watch them grow as people.

9. Emma Blackery. Emma may come off as a coke addicted video gaming weird hair type of gal, but if you’ve watched any of her videos all she wants to do is make people smile. Even if she has cereal thrown in her face, or vlogging in Feel Good 101. She knows what it’s like to be an outcast in school, or bullied for no reason, or feel depressed.

10. Shane Dawson. Most of you know Shane as the gay guy who dresses up as girls and makes hilarious but inappropriate YouTube videos. He is this exactly, but I know he’s way more than that. He had a rough past and YouTube saved him as much as he’s saved others. Even though he may be inappropriate, I love him. I love his vlogs and I’d hang with him anyday. He became successful on his own with only a camera, and is now one of the most popular YouTubers there is out there.

Maybe I’m a weirdo for these reasons, but noone has been there for me more than YouTube has, and these are only ten YouTubers. I’m currently subscribed to 715 YouTubers but I suppose these ten have changed my life for the better most. All of their videos get across the same message:
You are not, nor ever will be alone.
So you can say whatever you like about Teenagers spending too much time online, but the majority aren’t taking duck faced selfies on Facebook, they’re following their idols. Something that I know my parents will never understand, even though it’s a huge part of my life.


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