One of those weird days…

I just thought back to a time about two maybe three years ago when my whole family went down south to visit my cousins and I was dog sitting for my older cousin and his wife. (Who I love). They have two chihuahuas; Charlie and Molly. Image

My cousin had told me that Molly (the white one) was feeling sick. She kept sneezing and blood would come out every now and again. So I, of course, took plenty of care of her. The next day we brought her to the vet to get examined. I went with my aunt, who didn’t really have an interest with the vet. I did though, it was during my ‘I’m going to be a vet’ stage. The vet said she might just simply have something stuck in her nostril. I forget what else happened but we all made it back to the house alive. Molly was still sneezing though.

That night, my cousins and I rented a movie and we were all in their living room watching it. Charlie and Molly were both sitting on my lap, and suddenly Molly woke up in a sneezing fit. Charlie obviously got annoyed and moved off my lap but Molly was just sneezing so much none of us had any idea what to do. But then, I saw something green sticking out of her tiny nose.  Image

I called my sister over and told her to pull it out. She complained before doing it, but I eventually got her to. It was a long piece of grass. Molly was sneezing because she had sniffed up a long piece of grass….. As soon as my sister took it out, she was instantly better. And then went back to sleep.

It was defiantly one of my weirdest days… But I’m obsessed with those dogs! I’m godmother to both 🙂 Image




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