But the summer is a bummer if you can’t leave this pathetic excuse for a town.

Seems like this one song lyric sums up my Facebook newsfeed. So many people complaining about how they hate our home town, wishing they were never here, and wishing they could get away.
But why?
It’s because they bring it on themselves. They meet the wrong people. They date the wrong person. They purposely cause drama. They purposely stir drama.
I love my home town. Although it mightn’t have a lot of entertainment, it’s where I met my 8 best friends that anyone could ever possibly ask for on the earth. In fact, I’m currently on holidays with one, which is why I haven’t really been active on here. But I just find it REALLY annoying how everyone is moaning about being here. If it’s actually that bad as you’re making it out to be on your social networks, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Visit your cousins in a far away place, get a job somewhere, go somewhere else, do anything than just sitting at your computer and complaining about the potentially great town! It’s your own fault, and I’m sorry I don’t agree about your opinions on life, or people, or school or our home town!

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