“Everything happens for a reason”

My friends hate when I say this to them. It’s not because I’m just saying it to them to get over what happened, but that I genuinely mean it. They can’t understand why I believe it it so much, or that I’m never disheartened over something I didn’t get or achieve (yet). To be honest I’ve always believed in Everything Happens for a Reason. Maybe because my parents always said it to me, but I just feel comforted by it. Insane? Maybe.

One time, there was a competition in my Gaeltacht to write a short essay, like two pages long in Irish to read out and get a prize. So I wrote a pretty good essay- it could be on anything. I was probably one of the few to actually hit the two page mark, but I didn’t get it. I was so….just upset over it. No one else in my class was, but I just felt so gutted over not writing a good enough essay to get through. Nevertheless when the day came for the competition, I woke up with no voice and a sore throat. So even if I had gotten the opportunity to read out my (almost) perfect essay, I wouldn’t have been able to. I would of had to forfeit and lost my certificate. This being one of the many examples of the basis of my belief.

Since this day, I have fully believed that everything happens for a reason. To be honest, it’s also good for my conscience. It may sound weird, or desperate to you but if I, for example, fail a test, I always say there’s a reason why I failed it. So don’t believe me, or take it in your stride about this proverb, but I one hundred percent stand by it.


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