What I see out my bedroom window

What I see outside my bedroom window

When I was twelve in my first year in Secondary School, my horribly horrible English teacher gave this assignment to us and I always regretted my answer I handed up. Of course I got practically full marks, but I had horrible grammar and spelling mistakes. This may sound stuck up, but she loved me. And I hated it, simply because she practically used to give me full marks on the spot even if I handed her up garbage. Anyway, she left in second year and left our three year course to be done in six months.

But back to my main topic. What I see outside my bedroom window. Today was abnormally warm for Ireland- even in the summer, so here I am just chillin’ beside my bedroom window. And I remembered that assignment from four years ago, and how it always stuck in my mind as a horrible piece of writing and how I wished I could submit it again.

So here is my new and improved “What I see out my bedroom window.”

I see a cement factory in the distance. The red and white barber striped pole with a blinking red sphere on top. I see a five year old me begging my parents to take me there. To take me to the place where I’ve watched my whole life from a sheet of glass.
I see trees. Evergreen trees surrounding my house all year long. Never changing, always there. I see hide and seek spots, and half built tree houses. I see an exercise ball that we never retrieved, which is just a purple ball in the bushes.
I see circle. A circle formed from our trusted trampoline that died a few years ago. Even though we never had a net, and our springs were so rusted they practically disintergrated in our hands, no one ever fell off. Even at my tenth birthday party with twenty of us on it. Even at our hosted family barbecues with ten of my thirty year old cousins on it. Even when my cousin and I bounced til we could reach the ground. It stayed strong.
I see a lighter circle. From where we had a blow up pool when my American cousin came over one summer. Ten of us, a pool, a hose, the sun and three blow up rings. It killed the squished grass underneath so we had to plant new grass that Autumn. We couldn’t get the same shade green for it, so it’s  lighter patch.
I see a basketball net. My mother came home with it one day for me and my sister. Neither of us were the sporty type, so we didn’t particularily care for it. The only time we used it was to hang a pinata from it. The other times someone got usage out of it was when our sport crazed cousins are over. Then I’ll play. Because that’s fun. Playing on Halloween night in the dark with music playing. Because that’s fun.
I see solar paneled lights in the shapes of rocks. Our third set. The first ones got smashed by our eventful games of basket ball. The second ones were too colourful. Now they just sit there.
I see a swing set. A rushed old pair of swings and a see-saw. Last time we used it was for my sixteenth birthday party. And it’s still fully capable of holding all ten of us at once. I see our younger selves playing on it. Our slide had broke by younger cousins and never replaced, so the swings were all we had. I used to pretend that I was a different person when I stopped swinging. Like I switched bodies with someone from a parallel universe. It was a fun game.

What I see outside my bedroom window: One word. Memories.

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