#Where did you hear of wordpress?

I’ve seen this tag going around a bit, with bloggers answering. So, I thought “why not give it a go”? and follow this trend… Well: 

Where did you hear of WordPress? 

I originally had a blog on blogger, but I didn’t like it to be honest. I didn’t like the layout, it was hard to get views and as a site I thought it was difficult to use so I deleted all my posts and just didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t really care if I had a blog or not- I was going to write regardless of if I posted it online. So as I was watching iJustine on YouTube she was talking about her favourite apps and she mentioned WordPress, so I thought I’d check it out. And I fell in love with it! Although I still can’t find her account, which is strange 😀 But yes, it’s not an interesting story of how I trekked across the Atlantic looking for a means to express my views on the world and force my opinions upon others….but in the end, I’m happy with my little blog 🙂 


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