I wish I had more siblings

So, if you’re from a huge family and you’re reading my title and going ‘what on earth is this girl talking about?’ then chances are I probably envy you. I have one older sister, by three years, and she moved out last September. So since then, I’ve practically been an only child. Sure, it does have its perks-I’m not going to lie. Like, I’ve never had to share a bedroom. Yet, my sister didn’t see this as a problem and basically came into my room when ever she wanted, yet if the roles were reversed there wouldn’t be a chance I’d be allowed into her room if I gave her a million euros. We had/still have a terrible relationship. But I’d look at family friends who have six children and all the kids just seemed happy together all the time. If they got bored with one sibling, they could just move onto another. I could never do that, not that my sister would let me ‘hang around’ or play with her in the first place. My mum has six brothers and four sisters and the stories she told me about the chaotic life growing up made me wish I had them. One good thing that came out though was loads of cousins, who I could probably talk to more on a personal level than my sister. 
I’ve also been a huge fan of Cimorelli for a while now, and I envy those six sisters and their brothers so so much, because it looks like there’s a party in their house at any given time, and I remember them saying in an interview that they didn’t have as much fights as smaller families because there was so much communication in the house that you could talk to anyone, and they’d listen. 
There’s also those days where I have the day off from school, and the weathers nice, and everything is happy- except that all my friends have gone away. So here I am, bored with my old dog (who, for the record, I love very much). 
Last year I went to the Gaeltacht, basically a summer camp where you speak constant Irish, and you spend three weeks in the one house with eleven people the same age and gender as you. So I spent almost a month with 13 new sisters, and 1 leader who just turned 18 who I was also close to. And I bawled my eyes out leaving. I didn’t mind I had to share a room with three others. I didn’t mind I had to take five minute showers. I didn’t mind that I couldn’t use the mirror whenever I wanted. I didn’t mind this, because I had constant company all the time. I went from having breakfast with two tables full of girls, to eating dinner with my parents in one day. 
So I know there is cons to having a bigger family, but in the end, don’t you love them? Don’t you have a good relationship with them? Would you change them for the world? 


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