Happy 4th of July, America!

Ok, so I’m not American and have only ventured into the states when I was five years old, but in honour of their Independence day, I’m going to share a few stories of my memories of a five year old in The United States Of America. 

1. The plane ride over: So I went with my family, mother, father and older sister who would have been eight at the time. I remember is that we said goodbye to each tree on the way to the airport, and that I cried giving my teddy bear- Padington -over to have it x-rayed. I literally cried in the airport. But all was good though because some awesome airport worker brought me behind to watch my bear going through and I don’t think I remember a happier moment in my life than when I received that bear back into my possession. I also remember pudding on the plane ride…

2. Arriving in America: I remember my uncle collecting us in his HUGE black jeep. It also was raining, but it was warm which really confused me because rain isn’t warm in Ireland. I also remember my uncle saying in a thick accent “Oh my god you guys, you brought the rain with you.” He was cool. 

*Now from here I don’t know what days come where so I’ll just go through what I remember. Keep in mind these are the memories in the eyes of a five year old.* 

3. The House: I was never in a basement before, as we generally don’t have them in Ireland. My aunts house was pretty cool though because their basement was turned into a games room for my cousin. “Video games” and a pool table etc. They also had a huge pool in their garden (I thought this was fascinating). Air conditioning in the house was also strange for me. It was also located on a street of just houses. 

4.Sight seeing: I slept though seeing the empire state building, and I didn’t go on the boat ride to the statue of liberty. We were also brought to the fountain in central park as it was the fountain used in “Friends”. At five years old did you really expect me to even know what Friends was? To this day, any time I’m watching it my parents always complained that I cried at the fountain. (It was sunny, I was made stand for too long, I was probably hungry, and I had no idea why we were at a fountain.) 

5. New things: We went to my cousins friends birthday and it was the first time I’ve ever seen or used a pinata. Never ate a watermelon before then either. I also bought a barbie washing machine. We rented out games, which I thought was weird. 

6. Babysat: Our parents went out for a night and my cousins aunt babysat the three of us. All I can remember is that it was a fun night. She brought us pokémon markers and bubblegum. We then went firefly catching (which was amazing). My sister let one loose in the house and we spent ages trying to catch it. 

7. Shopping: As I mentioned before, I got a barbie and barbie washing machine, which I think I still have. It was awesome. My aunt brought me shopping and we bought matching pink straw hats because we had the same name.

8. Day trips: I don’t know whether it was called a carnival or whatever, but I remember winning a giant red mouse in a game where you aim water into a balloon and the first one to pop wins. (Pretty sure my uncle let me win, but I’ll always hold it against him that I did.) Unfortunately, my giant red mouse did not make the trip home and was ripped to shreds by the dog they got the year after. We went to the Six Flags amusement parks, which I remember being amazing. We drove through a monkey place and the car in front of us got attacked by them. I went up on a seat thing held up by a giant balloon with my uncle, and I could see EVERYTHING from there. It was then I think my dad let out a sigh of relief I wasn’t afraid of heights. I went to looney tune land because the giant swing thing was too scary for me, so I went on a smaller one with my mum. And lastly, my most terrifying memory; we were watching a ride where people sat in logs and got splashed into water. Then, my uncle offered to me “Do you wanna come on a nice little boat ride with me?”. I kid you not, his exact words. So you can probably guess what happened, the ‘nice little boat ride’ turned out to be the scary log ride. The picture of my terrified five year old face is still up on our fridge. 

9. Random shenanigans: I bought a spongebob ice cream off the ice cream truck- just because I never saw a live ice cream truck before. It tasted horrible. I posed on a cops motorcycle. I then fell in love with that cop. We spent a night in new york city with my other uncle. His workers thought I was his daughter and there was rumours about him in work going around. I rode the subway with him. We watched The Powerpuff girls in his apartment.


10. Party: The night before we were going, my aunt, uncle and cousin threw us a going away party. It was weird, because the only parties I’ve been to where for Birthdays. We spent the day colouring their bricks with chalk, hanging up garden lights and setting up. I also had ice cream with that cop I fell in love with and he showed me all his tattoos. 

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