Saw this topic trending on twitter, and I thought why not give it a go here! Just to make it clear, I do have more than one bestfriend but I thought I’ve been through the most with this one. So here is twenty facts about my Poo. ♥ 


1. She’s a total inner blonde, with many blonde moments. 

2. She was obsessed with one direction, but it’s died down recently. 

3. She’s really open to new topics that I discover online and listens to my rants about my new favourite YouTuber/Singer/Blogger/Song all the time. 

4. She has a new puppy that her whole family are obsessed with. I’ve never seen so much praise given to a pup who pooped outside. 

5. She loves the camera. She’s a typical selfie taker, and I love her for it. 

6. She’s really pretty, and she’s amazing with make up. Hair, not so much so there’s where I come in! 

7. She loves travelling, we both do. We’ve big tour plans after school. 

8. She’s a likewhore on instagram. She uses hilarious hastags like #Jesus and #SuicideAwareness 

9. She loves Disney just as much as I do. 

10. She has hilarious reactions to anything, and is not afraid to show it. 

11. She doesn’t mind that I drag her everywhere with me because I don’t want to be lonely. 

12. She has an iPhone too so we have hilarious free iMessages to each other. 

13. She has an awesome family, who love me. 

14. She gets me, you know? If I don’t like a person she does she knows not to force me to talk to them, or she knows if I really want to do something or not

15. She’s not afraid to look stupid if she really likes something. 

16. She doesn’t like horror movies, which is good because neither do I and so we don’t ever watch them and we are each others excuse for not watching them. 

17. She has completely different interests to me, but we couldn’t be more alike. 

18. She laughs way too easily at mildly funny things, then remembers them again ten minutes later and laughs all over again. 

19. She doesn’t like tea…which deeply saddens me. 

20. She’s my b.f.e.a.t.w.n.n.n.n.n.e.e.e.e.c.e.i.a.w.i.t.i.l.y.s.f.m and I love her. 



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