25 Facts About Me ♥

Well, I figured I’ve been too formal with you guys, so if you’re interested here’s 25 things about me….

1. My name is Eímear Marie Claire.

2. I’m sixteen, and my birthday is 21st April.

3. I’m Irish. I’m from a little hometown that you may know, it’s where one fifth of One Direction is from.

4. My family have a summer house up north where we spend every summer.

5. No one I personally know knows about this blog.

6. I’m addicted to YouTube. You can tell with my over 650 subscriptions and counting.

7. I love animals. Dogs especially.

8. I love Unicorns, Giraffes and Moose.

9. Disney movies are my favourite movies.

10. I love musicals.

11. I love writing, mostly stories but I’m trying my best with blogging.

12. My favourite song is currently The Promise by Emma Blackery, and Any Other Way by We The Kings.

13. I love pink. My family thinks I’m a complete girly girl but my friends think it couldn’t be further from the truth.

14. My star sign is Taurus. Even if I’m not 100% sure if I believe in them.

15. I have absolutely no idea what I’d like to be when I’m older but I’ll always strive for something in the media.

16. I’m already signed up for a months volunteer work in Spain and France next year after my Exams.

17. I am terrified to do the Leaving Certificate, but I will never admit this aloud.

18. There is currently a fan fiction about myself and Niall Horan because I’m the only one out of my friends who isn’t OBSESSED with them….yup logic.

19. I rock Em on the guitar.

20. I’ve only read Harry Potter in the last year. It was kind of disappointing because I knew everything what was going to happen thanks to my sister, who for the record was the one not letting me read the books since they were ‘her thing’.

21. It turns out I’m long sighted, and I do need glasses.

22. Pentatonix are my favourite band.

23. I wish I could do make up better.

24. I love painting my nails.

25. I love tea.

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