My Zodiac Sign- Taurus.

Cleaning out my grandparents old house’s attic (our summer house basically, it’s hard to explain) today, I found a Marie Claire horoscope book from the year I was born. Obviously none of the things applied to a newborn baby, but reading back on it it sort of suits me now…ish. I’m not entirely sure I believe in Zodiac signs. I mean, yeah I can look at it and think that it’s my life, but it’s not what I read, it’s how I read it. And call me crazy, but I like reading them because they’re comforting to me. I’ve always just flicked through them growing up, and I follow way too many Taurus Twitter accounts for my own good. So to all you fellow Taureans and beauty loving bulls out there, lets take a look at our personality’s according to the whereabouts of the moon at the current point!


Taurus Colours: This actually could not be more true. I saw the answer and my jaw dropped. Pink. It has been, and will always be my favourite. Blue and green were also mentioned, which is funny because I’m caught between them for the colour of my Debs ‘Prom’ dress. I love green because it’s ‘earthy’ and the colour (kind of) of my eyes. I love blue simply because it reminds me of the soothing sea.

Taurus Bride Wedding Style:  The first line sums me up perfectly. I’ve been planning my wedding ever since I was small- I even remember saying I’d have one even if I never got married. I always loved this concept of putting on an amazing dress and being surrounded by people who I love while eating delicious food….oh, and I guess my husband will be pretty important too. And I also hate awkward moments, so there will be a happy ambiance at my wedding!

Taurus Tattoo Designs: Also describes me perfectly- ” neat, clean, and appealing to themselves and others.” I would never get an extravagant tattoo, but I’ve always had this idea that I might like a simple blue heart on my wrist. “Simple, meaningful and beautiful is what they’re after” Yup. That’s me.

Taurus Jobs: “adapting to sudden change is not something that comes easy to you. You are one that thrives on stability and routine” I have no idea what I want to be. But I do love organisation and computers. “Taureans are a beautiful bunch of people. Even with a few extra pounds, due to their love of consuming delicious delicacies” Hehehe…not really relevant but I agree too much. “Rest assured that you will usually find an energetic Taurus at the center of a Habitat for Humanity project.” Funny, I’m already signed up to volunteer in both Spain and France next year.

Taurus as a Friend: “They’re quiet when you first meet them, but that’s probably because they tend to be rather shy and lack confidence in their abilities and appearance. Once they’re more comfortable around you—and they do love to be comfortable!—you’ll find a solid, sympathetic, warmhearted new friend.” This is me right down to a ‘T’. I have 8 very close friends and none of them can really remember how I met them, so they always see me as this ‘easy friend making happy person’ but in actuality, I have a hard time making friends on my own. If I have someone with me it boosts my fake confidence and I can be a complete social butterfly, but put me on my own and my only friend that night will be my phone. And as much as I hate to admit it, it takes me a while to truly make a friend. Sure I’ll be nice and happy and chatty to them, but I don’t call them my best friend right there and then. I’ll probably create a part 2 to this section, as I’d love to discuss each sign to a person close to me.

“Motherhood comes naturally to a Taurus woman”, It’s posts like these that comfort me, even though I know they can never be 100% accurate, it assures me that I won’t be a complete fail if I ever have children.

And just while we’re here and if you’re even still reading this, our favourite ice cream is apparently chocolate ice cream, with raspberries, sliced almonds and Amaretto.

Famous Celebrities who are Taureans:

1. Robert Pattinson (I was team Edward)

2.  Jessica Alba (Actually love her movies)

3.  Megan Fox (I wanted to be her so much in “Hope and Faith”)

4. Kelly Clarkson (I rediscovered her music and loved it, it’s my karoke jam)

5. Pierce Brosnan (Teeheehee Mamma Mia….still my favourite movie)

6. Cher (Can’t diss that superstar)

7. Rosario Dawson (LOVE this woman. Starred in Rent, amazing voice, active feminist)

8. Stevie Wonder (One of my idols anyway, awesome songs)

9. Janet Jackson (I had a dream about her once where I was her daughter…)

10. Channing Tatum (*swoon*)

11. Barbra Streisand (Inspiring woman, woo woo woo woo woo woo woo)

12. Leonardo da Vinci (His essay was the only one I learnt off in my junior cert, and it came up!)

13. Adolf Hitler (Eugh.)

14. Audrey Hepburn (Beautiful woman, even in old age)

15. Bono (Irish whoop, generous, amazing musician)

16. Elizabeth II (Same Birthday whoop whoop)

17. William Shakespeare (Studying him for one third of my Leaving Certificate)

18. Mark Zuckerberg (Woooo, facebook)

19. Adele (So much talent and sass and awesomeness)

20. Debby Ryan (Loved this disney princess)

21. Miranda Cosgrove (Loved this nickelodeon princess)

22. Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson (This wrestler turned actor is pretty cool)

23. Olly Murs (I wanted him to win x factor…he should have won…not letting that go…)


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