Guess who was at an University Open Day today?

Just when I thought I escaped the reality that this time next year it’ll be the last day to change my CAO, my dad suggested we go to an university open day. The one we went to is the closest to where I live and the only national university of Ireland within an hour of me. The night before, we printed off a schedule of the day and a map of the area. As my father is extremely punctual, and I cannot stress that enough, we arrived about forty minutes early. We drove in the entrance and observed the area- library, student accommodation, numerous buildings, green areas, sports centres and restaurants. Everything you need right? So we parked the car and walked up to one of the entrances of this modern university. We were greeted by students in yellow with balloons all over the place. Creating a ‘happy’ atmosphere. A juggler and a uni-cyclist were also around. The smiling students gave us a cardboard copy of what we printed off before and we made our way inside. I then received a book of courses, but sadly no free pencil. My first choice was Product design but as I read the course in the book, it wasn’t what I expected so instead we went to Arts in the morning instead of the afternoon. I was impressed with the huge lecture hall, and how high quality it was. The Dean of the college welcomed us and gave a good presentation of how Arts courses work there. I was impressed, but I knew it all before. It was my sisters first choice in her first Leaving Certificate. We left there, and onto the next room. This decision was hard to make for me next as the only Geography talk was on at the same time as the only Nua-Gaeilge (irish) talk. My dad had been at the geography talk before with my sister, so I decided to go to the Nua-Gaeilge one. And I did not regret it at all. I loved the lecturer. She even told us her story of how she wasn’t fluent at all until her second year of college, and her Irish was perfect. I then chose a Chemistry talk to attend, because I have two science subjects in school and I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t be impressed if I didn’t at least try a science talk out. There were two guys doing the presentation and they were brilliant at it. They talked about their experiences on the course, their work experience, their jobs and their former schools. I decided I was hungry and opted out of attending a talk about clubs in the university. There was no other talk on that I was interested in so we walked around for a bit. Saw some students playing Frisbee on the green area, and more jugglers were out. We walked to a different building which had stands up of all the courses. We walked around them, but I didn’t go up to anyone. What? So what if I don’t feel comfortable going up to someone and asking them about their course? I know that’s a terrible excuse but I felt way too pressured by my dad to go strike up some conversation with one. But the truth is, there is no course I’d be 100% interested  in that I’d have enough confidence to go up and ask about. It then dawned on me I had no idea what I was doing there, and we left to attend a Media talk. This would be the course I’d be most interested in, but I couldn’t get myself to concentrate fully on the man giving the talk. I even was too tired and exhausted to go on a tour of a film studio. But, there’s always the next one…or the one after that…


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