I went to an auction today

So today was an auction for land in my local area. We had dinner and eventually made our way into the auction room. I was surrounded by men in suits and a few familiar faces. It was good farming land. All 66 acres of it.
Light conversation was made around the room, involving the weather. Others kept to themselves doing up their figures on the back of pieces of paper. I scanned the brochure, looking at the contracts and a birds view diagram of the place. I really saw how much of the familiar land was put up for sale.
A woman came in, looking professional with her business suit and folders. I thought she might start something but this was not the case. As she scanned through her folders, she was joined by ‘the main man’. She introduced himself and welcomed us today. The woman started reading off the terms and conditions of the land. After, he thanked her and started the bidding. It was split up into two parts. The man started off at a price which went down in a few seconds. He kept repeating the figure in a way where I had to bite my lip to stop a laugh creeping up. They eventually finished and started for the next lot. Some scruffy looking man came in and before sitting down already offered a price. It wasn’t challenged by any of the suits around him. They tried to get a higher price for the whole lot but no such luck. They explained how you will be still able to place a bet for a certain time period before being set on a price and sold. But we left before that.

And that’s the story of how my Granddads land got sold for an unfair price due to a messy divorce.

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