“I did it for the lulz”

I watched Smiley tonight. It’s basically a horror movie with the “Bloody Mary” theme behind it. But what made me love it so much was because all my best friends were in it. One even directed it! Ok, maybe I lied. Maybe just because I think of them as my best friends doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m theirs….or that they even know me at all. Because I know for a fact that none of them do.
Ok, I’ll explain my night ramblings. Michael Gallagher directed Smiley. You may know him as totallysketch on YouTube. I know I do. I also know; Shane Dawson, Nikki Limo, Bree Essrig, Shanna Malcolm, Toby Turner etc. They’re all “YouTuber”‘s that I watch regularly. And to be honest, I feel like I know most of them more than I know my own sister. I’m obsessed with YouTube, these people are only a minority of the inspiring people that I watch. So, consequentially, every time I recognised someone on screen, I screamed a little. Because I’ve followed them all through casting time, and recording time and I’m just so happfor each and every one of them because I know no one deserved it more than them. Michael, you did an amazing job. The only thing that bugged me a little was the shaky cameraman in a few scenes, but BAM did I not predict that ending… Image


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