Thank You Mum ♥

A letter to my mother. 

Dearest Mumsie Wumsie, 
I’m writing this letter to thank you for all the times you’ve made me smile. I love how no one can be around you without laughing with you. I love how you’re the ray of sunshine in my life, and I can only hope I’m anything like you. You know never to cross the line, but can still make me laugh no matter what. But one thing I have to tell you….you have no sense of fashion whatsoever. 😀 But it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you wear black with navy. I don’t care you’ve never worn daily make up. I don’t care you hardly know what make up is. I don’t care you think my eyelash curler is totally unnecessary and painful. I don’t care if you wear a ridiculously unflattering outfit. And I don’t care about these things because you don’t care. As long as we’re healthy, and comfortable, and happy what is there to care about? I love the stories that you tell. I love the stories you tell of me to others. I love how any situation can be helped by tea. I actually like helping you figure out how to work technology. I like knowing that in some small way, I can teach you something for once. I may not be the best with volunteering to do chores without making a huge “how great am I” scene, but I still like knowing that helped you in some way. I love how you’re not too strict. You know I collapse under pressure- even though I can now hide it too well. I love how you don’t lock me in my room and force me to study because you know I actually like to learn and can only do so at my own pace. I love how all you hear about the internet is about cyber bullying and things like that yet I never get a time limit on the laptop. I love how you know how much I love escaping into this world where YouTube can reassure me and teach me things (like make up DIY videos) that you couldn’t. I love how you try show an interest in things I like, even if that makes you endure the whole story of Wuthering Heights, or listening to a band that isn’t your style. And I think it’s hilarious how much you say you love the dog more than me, because who couldn’t? 
In conclusion, I love you. In every way possible. You are my sunshine. 
Love, (your favourite daughter), Eimear. xoxo

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