We’re so low on the food chain, we’re underground.


If you can, take a moment to listen to this Disney song. I know my life isn’t as stressful as others right now, but when you’ve just turned sixteen  and you’re entering The Leaving Certificate this time next year, a few panic attacks begin to occur. The faces at 0.18 probably describe me, and my class the past few days. Yes, the beloved summer exams.
“Quick before the Hyena comes!”
What is “the hyena” to you? To me obviously, it is the Leaving Cert.
“Digga Tunnah, dig dig a tunnah”
My translation: Study, study study.
“Dig a tunnel it’s what we do, life’s a tunnel and we’ll dig it through.”
My translation: We study. Thousands have done it before us, thousands will do it after us.
“Dig a tunnah it’s everything.”
My translation: Well, it kind of is everything. Deciding your future and what not.
“And when you get to your tunnah’s end, Hallelujah! Let’s dig again!”
My translation: Oh yes, you’re finished with that? Don’t forget college.
Yet, through all this, those meercats couldn’t be happier? Are they wearing a “false face” like Macbeth did, or are they genuinely happy to “dig dig so they can hide hide so they can dig”?
Oh well, Hakuna Matata….


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