Why is the sky NOT blue?

Of course we’ve all asked the question Why is the sky blue? This may be lightly said, or someone might actually take the time to google it. As my friend and I were explaining it to my other friend one day, we thought of this ‘Inspectrum Theory’. The rainbow bends, with violet being the most bent and red being the least bent. But what if we were just on the blue part of the spectrum? What if there is a universe where it is as normal to say “Why is the sky Red?”, than it is for us saying “Why is the sky blue?” What if each colour of the rainbow had a universe on it, but we could never find out because there would never be a time in space where all seven colours would bend at the same wavelength? So if a rainbow appears in our universe, is it inspectrum? (inception + rainbow spectrum). But if you think more clearly into it, are we just a wavelength in someone else’s rainbow? Or is there seven universes in our rainbow? Where the sky is red or orange or yellow or green or indigo or violet? 


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