Positive attitude equals positive outcomes! I hope…

So, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a pretty crap day. Nothing completely major happened, except for the beginning of the end (AKA My 5th year exams). And without any doubt, I failed my Higher Level English exam on Macbeth and Yeats, along with my Higher Level Project Maths exam. I didn’t study and I know I’m not going to get the mark. I ran out of time, I stressed out, I forgot the chronological order for things and I waffled so much in it I think I got syrup on it. I’m the kinda person who, like Macbeth, suppresses my feelings and my “false face” basically kept me through the day. I’m usually a VERY tolerable person, but if I’m trying to cram, and you’re trying to cram, and you ask me a question on your cramming while I’m cramming, there’s a high chance I will be snappy, and act like a complete cow to you- even if you’re one of my best friends. (Sorry). But then again, my best friend has learnt this long ago. She’s the type who studies aloud, where as I’m the total opposite. Anyway, brooding in a terrible mood when I came home, my parents weren’t as understanding as all I wanted to do was lie down in my room, but I had to wash up and change and I felt so drained already. Finally, my stressful day was over and I was now a slave to the internet. I got everything done that I needed to do, and I also got to finish editing one of my videos. Then we heard a knock on the door, it was our neighbor with their newborn baby Alan. And I thought to myself, how can I feel so glum and moody with a perfect little boy in my presence? So after they left, I went back online, and not only did Albinwonderland and Emma Blackery upload, but The SacconeJoly Puppies had tweeted my friend and I back! This dreary day has turned into a blissful night simply by just my way of thinking. Then again, I’m currently like a Zombie uploading this. My Transition Year friends are all on Summer holidays, and here I am. Sleepless, stressed out, and on the verge of a mental, physical, and emotional collapse.


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