I was an amazing mini author

I’ve always loved writing. Ever since I could remember. Obviously I can’t remember my first story I’ve ever written, but recently I found a box of a few of my old stories. The oldest dates one was when I was seven, and I can even remember where I wrote it. It was in my garden with my mum across from me on the table reading a news paper. Not-so-long story short, it involved mermaids, time machines, and magic. Woo. I remember my mum reading it and telling me I have a great imagination and would be a great writer when I grow up. I also had this habit of not finishing any story unless it was due for school. My next story was about a girl named Zoey who is going on a tropical holiday with her family and befriends a family of surfers. It’s actually funny how I can remember this as a dream I once had. I remember the surfer mans face so vividly it’s scary. I found another small book including starting chapters of a story that involved vampires and wizards. (I was writing about the unnatural worlds conflict waaay before Twilight). It had a set of twins who’s parents were from different species and were on the run….. or something like that. Beside that was a larger refill pad with a Girls Aloud fan fiction in it, and I’m literally cringing while reading it! I also had a rough draft about something with a spy. And of course I have the cliché story of switching bodies with a celebrity! The longest story I found though was a love story hinting on Romeo and Juliet, with a whole three copies already used up. I remember writing it over a few years and it’s funny to see both my handwriting and grammar improve. I also thought it was funny because the couple I wrote about were my current age in the present. And my life is pretty different from my characters. They’re pretty lucky with a laid back life while I’m here cramming.
I might update this segment if its liked, but personally I love seeing my own writing progression!

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