Why no one uses my tv


I found this photo in my library today, and it made me think why I don’t watch tv anymore. You literally turn it on, and the screen is blue. Sitting in my living room, I’ve seen

1. My mum

2. My dad

3. My sister

all come in, attempt to watch the tv, fail miserably, and leave. Into a different room with another tv that’s easier to use. Why oh why is this one still here? A paper weight has more use…

But not only does our useless tv come with a blue screen, it also has many different remotes in the room that are completely useless. I’m not even kidding, see the sky remote to the far right? It’s purpose is volume. No, that’s it.

Hope you enjoyed this utterly random and useless rant about why I prefer the faster internet! ❤


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