Introducing uniforms?

There’s been a lot of rumours going around the past few weeks in my school that they’re introducing new uniforms. I know I won’t get to see them because, as its my final year next year, we get designed hoodies, so naturally they wouldn’t make us buy a jumper we’d use for only a month. But I can’t help feeling that I really don’t like this idea. We are an all girls school, with “blue-bottle” uniforms: Light blue shirt, blue wool jumper and a choice of navy trousers or a shade-off-our-jumper blue skirt. Personally, I’d take the trousers over the horribly fitted pencil skirt that is usually worn as a belt for some girls ANYDAY. That aside, the rumour is they’re introducing a grey jumper for seniors (last two years). Our new principle was the vice principle for the school down the road from us: a mixed school. So even though she’s all you can ask for in a principle, I can slowly see her changing us to styles of her former school. Nothing major, just subtle things like changing the colour of our school diaries like theirs. But what her old school had that we don’t is the split uniforms. They wear green jumpers with navy polo shirts and navy trousers for juniors, then they switch for a navy jumper for seniors.
Now, I have loads of friends in this school and I’ve heard so many stories of how this effected them. Like juniors would purposely let a senior past them through a door, because they feel threatened by the navy. They also used to all moan that all they want is a navy jumper. (Personally, on a side note, I liked their green jumpers better. Too much navy just gets boring). Then, since we’ve become seniors, all one of my friend has talked about is how she loves to use the superiority of the navy over others (like the door incident). Where as our school, we’re all the same blue for the six years together. And to be perfectly honest, I like our way better. We’re all treated fairly. Generally, unless you look abnormally older or younger, sometimes you can’t even tell who’s in what year. And well….isn’t this what a uniform is meant to be? That we’re all uniform. That we’re all equal? One of my friends in the other school actually remarked how my school is like “one big family” compared to hers. And thinking and pondering on this, it’s perfectly true. Excluding the final year who have their (optional to wear) hoodies. I seriously don’t like the potential of the divide in my school. It would degrade us as a community, and all we stand for. Is it really that important to make social status in a school built for the secondary education of all girls and women?


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