The last five YouTube videos I liked and loved.

Ok, so I talked about doing the review thing before, but I think I prefer this.
The last five YouTube videos I liked and loved.

So maybe I’m not overly happy with the harmonies, but I LOVE these too so much. BriBry is simply amazing in everything he’s done. And a lot of his videos have helped me sooo much just about life in general. One day I was in a not-so-happy-at-all mood, which happed to be a day he posted a video of self worth. So Mr. BriBry, I love you and can never thank you enough and you’re amazing. Also in the video is Emma Blackery, a comedian/bit of a singer/a HUGE Zelda fan who is an amazing person on YouTube. She’s cheered me up on dull days, and made me laugh just with her awesome facial expressions and stories. So like I said, this isn’t their best video, but I love them both, so I don’t care. ♥

If you don’t watch The SacconeJolys on YouTube, you may be a bit lost. They’re essentially a YouTube couple who vlog their lives, with two dogs, six puppies and a baby. And well…I couldn’t help but laugh at this one. Bianca would be the most loud, bold, always in trouble puppy a puppy can be. But she’s still adorable. It’s had to explain… Thumbs up for you JofeeJokes!

Ah….Lennon and Maisy. Can I say much more about these talented young girls who have come so far? If you don’t know, they’re on a show called Nashville and sisters. And DAMN do they have talent. Watch ANY of their videos and you’ll be amazed at their harmonies.

Its youuu and meee we’re CTFXC! This is Charles Trippy taking a photo of his head for a year. As vain as this might sound, last year he collapsed on a starbucks cup which turned out to be a brain tumour. Now I know what you’re thinking; he’s using that to get popular. But no. Him and his awesome wife Allie are vloggers on YouTube. They’re amazing, and inspirational and everything you could ever want in a role model! SO check them out and hit the ole’ subscribe button ;D they deserve it!

Unlike the other videos I mentioned before, I actually didn’t know who any of these guys were. But safe to say they’re brilliant. Harmonies, tempo, audio everything was flawless! As much as I’m obsessed with Pitch Perfect, I love this cover. So check it out, you won’t regret it!
♥ Ok, so I prefer these to reviews. (I wrote 4 but I didn’t like any of them enough to publish). I’m obsessed with YouTube and I wouldn’t mind making this a weekly segment! 😀 So please let me know what you think. ♥

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