I love you and miss you and know that you’re there

The birthday present I could get.
This morning I woke up and went on Facebook via my phone. As I was going through my notifications, my aunt had posted something on my wall. It was a photo of a piece of an Irish magazine where it had BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: along with my name and address. I thought; how come this is in here? Then it dawned on me.
Five years ago my Granny died. But when she was still alive, she gave both my sister and I money to be apart of the children’s club in this magazine because every time she was up before, we would buy it and colour and do the crosswords etc. And just this photo caused hundreds of memories to flood back into me about her. It was probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten, because I never thought I’d ‘communicate’ again with her for a long time. And that’s the story how a few simple words made me cry with happiness on my birthday.


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