The Beauty of Words.

Even though I’m meant to be writing an Irish essay, I thought I’d share this story with all who would like to listen.
So we all have that one cousin who is so completely different to us in so many ways that unless something urgent is happening, no communication goes on. Well, maybe it’s just my family where I have over thirty cousins on my mums side. So whether or not his relates to you, I’m going to continue.
There’s only my sister and I in my house, with three years apart from each other. Like wise, my aunt had two boys-roughly around the same age as us- with the same age gap. So naturally we got shipped together a lot. (For personal preference, let’s call the oldest one D and the one my age T.) It’s a tad complicated but my sister and D never got as close as myself and T. Even when we were younger, I always resented that T wanted to hang out with my sister more than me because she was older and cooler and amazing etc etc. D kind of kept to himself more so than my sister, he knew how annoying she could get, and to be honest, she liked T more because her and D didn’t have that much in common. There’s still a time in my life where I remember an almost perfect moment.
It was quite early in the morning and my parents and theirs had gone for a walk. Neither my sister or T were morning people. After waking up, I head downstairs to the quiet house. However, there on the bottom of the stairs was D. So you’re probably thinking by now- what does a preteen boy have in common with a little girl? And that answer, my friend, is the love of literature.
I don’t remember the exact scene, but just remember the parents arriving home to D and I reading aloud to each other. Him helping me over the hard words. I think it was the first Narnia book and we read about a page each before passing it back to the other one. So we always had this connection, even if we didn’t talk to each other that much. Anytime we’d see each other we’d talk about the books recently read. And the thing is, no one else knows. No one else can share those wonderful moments with us because it just doesn’t happen if anyone else is around. Even up until this day, I thank him for introducing me to Wuthering Heights, and never regret a single page.
So don’t judge a cover by it’s book- there might be something inside you never picked up before 🙂

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