Day turns to day turns to day…

The Easter holidays or “Spring break” for all ye Americans, are over tomorrow. Remember that terrifying English essay I mentioned before? Started yesterday and finished it today. And by finish I mean I’ve it all typed up, I just need to put pen to paper with only a day left. These two weeks have been two of the best weeks of my life! I had work experience in a vet clinic, gaisce trip over night with all my friends, St. Patricks day, my American cousin visiting, trip to an adventure centre to complete quests, bowling, music sessions with my cousins, my friend’s birthday sleepover, my other friends Disney marathon, work experience in a kennels, a dinner party, my sister coming home from college, shopping trips, I can hardly breathe with all that has been going on! And the worst part is I know it’s finished. I know school is back. I know revision and study and exams and stress is all coming back. This ‘Easter Haven’ I’ve created is going, and is never to return. 
So what? I wait seven more weeks until school has ended for summer? I wait less than six months to enter my final year at school? Sure, I’ve minor things to look forward to…but none of them being in school. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like my school. I mean, I probably couldn’t have asked for a better one, it’s just that surging feeling in the pits of my stomach coming back every time I remember the horrible feeling of returning to the drab early mornings. How a 15 year old is meant to survive this is beyond me… 
I’d take eating chocolate on my couch while watching YouTube over nine AM Irish classes any day…


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