Shopping for Charity

I was at my friends house the other night, so safe to say I did not sleep. We literally watched the sun come up while watching High School Musical 2. So the next night I went to bed at like half eight- which is EXTREMELY early for me. My usual time would be out 2am ish..? Anyway, after getting fourteen blessed hours of sleep, I woke up at my usual time. A few minutes later, my phone rang. It was my aunt who asked did I want to go shopping with her. I said sure, and she told me she’ll pick me up in ten minutes. Panicking about time, I leapt up out of the bed and tried my best to get ready in the remaining eight minutes I had left. So my aunt arrives and I finally get myself looking presentable and off we go into town. She told me we were meeting my other aunt there in an hour. Around the same time last year, my mum took me shopping with my aunt. She is a health nurse who donates her time and energy into travelling to places to help out the poor (in simple terms basically.) Next week, she is going back to Haiti and like last year, I was asked to help with buying clothes for the children. And to be honest, I was honoured I could be apart of this. Last year, we bought about 15 yellow dresses, all the same pattern, and I was told by my aunt that it went as a uniform for an orphanage. How cute, and simple, it was that a dress, that probably loads of little girls in my town are wearing, is the same outfit used for orphans half way across the world?
So we basically bought out the kids section in the shop- over 500 euro on shorts and t-shirts all 2 euro. You do the math. We bought about ten in each size of each colour…ish. So since we had so much items, we got a cash register all to ourselves. And let me tell you- it was hard work to remove all the hangers, sort them out into different bar codes and pack them away again. But I wouldn’t not do it. One afternoon of this could change a childs whole day, or even week, or in the extreme cases; more. We then had to carry three full bags each to my aunts car. I should say lost car, as she forgot where she parked and we were lugging around these huge bags in a huge car park. Maybe it’s not a lot, but for one day during Easter to help children indirectly, how could anyone ever say no?

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